Top New and Old Bollywood DJs

Being a Bollywood DJ is certainly one of the best things that one can be at the moment, and that is exactly what some have beaten the odds to become. There are a lot of DJs plowing this trade, and it does certainly take some level of expertise to make sure that you remain relevant. The Dance, trance and EDM scenes in Bollywood are views that can’t just go unnoticed because of the DJs that are living up to the standards that are expected of them in these genres. These DJs, both new and old have fashioned out their names and made their presence felt through the numerous successful best Bollywood DJ remixes that they have done. The crowds that they continue to pull grow by the day and they are something that you can’t miss any matter what. Some of those DJs are listed below.

Nikhil Chinappa

This DJ has scaled the heights of music and having worked with MTV on so many shows; his prowess can no longer be denied. He has done it all in the Bollywood music scene and even started the first and what is the biggest EDM companies that Bollywood has. He is a great DJ that enjoys music and takes parties as well as shows to a whole new level. His experience has also helped the EDM industry in Bollywood grow and become respected all over with an EDM festival that he is a director of.

DJ Suketu

This is one of the most widely known household names in DJing in Bollywood. Suketu has been in the industry for quite some time, and he was nurtured by one of the bets DJs ever, DJ Cut Master Swift from the UK. His remixes have been hits almost all of them, and this is why he continues to soar high. He is known as one of the best that ever came out of Bollywood having won the DMC in 1999. He also made the most top selling mixes of all time in India, and this is why he is a force that can never be taken lightly as you can here, at least, one of his mixes in a club in India.

DJ Akbar Sami

Producing some of the best mixes that Bollywood has ever heard, Akbar is one of those DJs that is more than good. He shot to fame with his first remix which was an overnight success and put him on a new pedestal. He never disappoints with any mix that he churns out and because of this he has become a household name all over India. He has won several awards that have proved his prowess in this field is always at its best. These awards, however, are not what make him one of the best but the fact that he always pulls one of the largest crowd a DJ can wherever he goes.

These few DJs are just some of the many that are taking Bollywood by storm, and you just can not fail to notice how genius they are. New and old, the fact remains that the Trance, Dance and EDM scenes in Bollywood are changed because of these DJs.

B2B Marketing

Digital Marketing for Online Business Development

With the advent of the internet and advancement in technology, marketers around the world are facing new challenges in meeting client expectations. Online Marketing is now in vogue. People around the world do most of their money transactions using the internet. In order to be on the receiving end of those types of transactions, entrepreneurs everywhere are trying to master the new skills associated with Digital marketing. Effective online business development can happen only by marketing your brand on the internet using proven strategies.

Digital marketing involves several vital components which include: search engine optimization (SEO), Business to Business (B2B) marketing and online branding. You need to understand these individual components to thoroughly understand top marketing firms. Here are some facts that may help you.


People all around the world search their queries, doubts and requirements on search engines like Google and Bing. The introduction of smartphones has made it easy for people to access the internet anywhere and anytime. This has further increased the popularity of online marketing. SEO is a vital tool that business owners are using to stand out from the pack. When your website ranks at the top on search engines, your business will be more successful. People do not surf beyond the first few pages of search engine. SEO helps your web page to rank on the top pages of search engine.

B2B Marketing

Business to business transactions and interactions have accelerated due to the internet. Businesses now use social media to interact with their clients. The B2B interactions help the business to grow at a fast pace. This is made possible due to the digital media.

Online Branding

Online branding has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Businesses create their profiles on popular social media sites and begin interacting directly with their customers. Making one’s presence felt is the main reasons businesses join social networks. Another way that businesses are informally getting to know the likes and dislikes of their customers is through the responses they provide in the comment sections of business blogs.

Some new lessons for Marketing Firms

Online marketing is a whole new trend. Marketing consultants now need to understand how internet users think. They also need to understand how search engines operate. Big businesses usually approach web designing firms for all their online marketing needs. Though you may not be able to afford the assistance of a top caliber professional designing firm, you can still find great firms that are just as innovative within your budget. And although you may be after quick results, try to avoid IT firms that provide SEO and web designing services by using unethical methods that fall within the Black Hat domain of techniques. These measures are surely not reliable for long term success.

Digital marketing can help you make huge profits by selling and marketing products to your global audience. Don’t be afraid to make your presence felt.

Party, Party, PARTY!

The advantages of a Washington dc charter bus

There have been many changes in the concept of traveling on a Washington DC charter bus over the past few years. In the earlier days, options for free space were hardly available on coaches. Such coaches did not give you the option of reclining comfortably when you were traveling. Hence, these coaches did not consider that the option of celebrating your events on them was very important. However, in this day and age, they have changed significantly. Nowadays, they are well designed with classic interiors and stylish looks. Therefore, you will get a feeling of luxury when you travel on them. All the entertainment options on the Washington DC charter bus have been upgraded by using the latest technology; therefore, you can now proceed with your party without worrying about being disturbed to play the songs. You can now celebrate almost all your events on the current Washington DC charter buses or DC Limos.

If you want to celebrate your events on a Washington DC charter bus, it is the best decision you will make because your party will go on for as long as possible. Your trip on this bus will be full of joy and all the members who will accompany you will feel like they are on a plane. Party buses are often large and they are designed in a way that enables them to provide sevrices to many passengers. In addition, they have lots of entertainment options. A party bus is a good choice for large parties or gatherings, as they can accomodate many people. It is safe to say that your party will never end if you have it on a Washington DC charter bus.

Regardless of the event that you want to celebrate, you can do it on a Washington DC charter bus without exceeding your budget. For example, if you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday without restrictions on timing, you should hire the service of this bus for this purpose. According to many observations, party halls and other venues that most people hire end up disappointing them because they impose time restrictions. However, this bus does not do so and because of this, it is your best choice. Party buses are a great alternative to hiring halls, having parties at home, or even in a restaurant. They provide a level of entertainment that you cannot get from regular parties and events and will be a memorable experience for anyone considering these services.

Dance, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Night clubs

Night clubs in New York
New York City is popularly known as the “city that never sleeps”. Nightclubs in New York allow you to pamper yourself to the fullest and enter a world of relaxation. New York nightclubs are commonly dimly lit with a classy ambiance, where the DJs play some thrilling music that lure people to the dance floor, whereas the best nightclubs in DC may have a similar ambiance but are not always dimly lit.

Experience and offers
Clubs in New York offer a wide selection of spirits and cocktails , some few highlights include Paris Iced Tea and Bangkok Iced Tea. Additionally, they offer an array of wines for you to indulge in a classy relaxing time. There are lounge beds to simply chill out. The atmosphere is filled with entertaining music from soulful , jazz, techno and hip hop. The clubs look stunning, with black upholstered walls that are accentuated by the vivid lighting of the area. Furthermore, there are leather sofas complemented by the retro style 60’s swivel chairs where you can just lounge while soaking up on the amazing club tunes. A best example is Q club.

Night clubs in Vegas
As they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. It’s the most exciting and most visited destination on the planet. The atmosphere is the perfect fit for the most dazzling and pulsating nightlife.

Experience and offers
Night clubs in Vegas offer a comprehensive sensory experience. Set yourself to dance, dine, and drink the night away in style. Be ready to sip artistic cocktails as you dance to enlivening beats on dance floors full of beautiful people. You won’t need take a taxi ride or walk back to your room. You modestly take a short elevator drive from the dance floor to the comfort zone of your luxurious bed. This makes Vegas an awesome place furthermore the elevator trip makes it easy to leave the club at any time without having to fear being attacked in a dark alley. There are also VIP package offers. VIP packages grants you access to VIP rooms beyond the coveted velvet rope. You can also book tables for you and your friends. These packages will include bottles of the liquor and hundreds of dollars in alcoholic beverages. Examples of best clubs are Bank and JET.

Certainly, a remarkable way to celebrate, night clubs is the only way to party like a rock star. Party the night away like it’s the last night of the world!

NYC, Vegas, DC

Las Vegas VS New York: Which Has a Better Nightlife?

In just recently released Forbes list, Las Vegas came a close second to New York in the number of tourists that visit these cities. However it was rated high when it came to the exponential and highly active nightlife. Las Vegas is known for it’s over the top night life and partying activities. The question is why the same does not apply to New York despite the fact that they have a variety of clubs and lounges? Well here are the differences between the two:

The biggest noticeable difference between the two is the fact that in Las Vegas, revelers can buy tickets online, avoiding the long queues at the door, while in New York you have to have stand for sometime outside in the cold before you can get in. Washington, DC also has a few Vegas style Clubs that are the Best Nightclubs in DC.

Most clubs and lounges in Las Vegas are inside a Hotel. This saves the management the trouble of having community boards knocking on their doors. New York is the exact opposite of this, community boards are always on the lookout for clubs that break the rules and regulations. Furthermore when one leaves a club in New York, they’re greeted by a deserted alley with closed shops and no one in sight spelling utter doom for them. On the other hand when one leaves a Las Vegas club they are greeted by bright casino lights and security staff that are more than willing to get you a cab.

New York has more clubs and these clubs are mostly filled with the locals creating friendly atmosphere and bonds among each other. In addition even though clubs in Las Vegas have a knack for light, in New York, club owners work towards improving the experience of revelers the only obstacles being the restrictive laws that limit what clubs can and cannot do, whereas in Las Vegas they can do almost anything.
It’s important to point that Las Vegas deals mostly with tourist clientele and as such the club mood may not be as exuberant. In addition the clubs in Las Vegas are also not as theme driven as those New York.
If you want bright lights and a walk straight into a cab? Vegas is your place. Want a more complete and riveting experience? Then New York has just that. Las Vegas has the all the hype but nothing beats the experience of clubbing on New York!

Party in the District

Hop aboard Party Buses in DC

The night life has never been prettier than when you are aboard party buses or sedan services in DC. You are going to surely get drunk and meet new people when you travel in style on one of these things. If you want a party bus for a private function then that can be arranged as well. It is bound to get wild inside the bus, but the staff is prepared for anything that is bound to happen, including people vomiting all over the place.

The lights are going to be wild inside the bus, as the party has already started before even getting to the destination. Everyone will be drinking shots as no party pooper will be allowed on this bus. The DJ will to play some music you can dance to and it can be anything from the latest in hip hop to trance music dating back from decades ago. The songs may get old but everyone still dances to them.

When you get onto a party bus, forget about all the stuff that has made you stressed out. You must have fun and enjoy the night. You can talk to people you have not seen for a long time on the bus. You can also make new friends as there is bound to be people you have not met yet. There is going to be some wild drinking games and everyone would no doubt be challenged to participate in them. One game that will surely be played is beer pong and the objective is to shoot the ball from one side of a table into the glasses on the other side. When all the glasses are eliminated on one side then the opposing team wins. This game could take a really long time, depending on the skills of both teams. It could also take a short time if both teams are good at shooting the balls into the glasses, which is difficult.

If you are unsure of what to do for your next party, then consider hiring the services of a party bus. Not only is it something a bit out of the ordinary, you will be able to visit different bars and clubs along the way. It’s a great way to go to many different places in one night, and the party doesn’t need to end when you get back on the bus. It will definetly be a night to remember for you and your guests.

Marketing Digitally

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

In the wake of digital marketing, businesses are doing everything possible to ensure that they remain relevant in the market. For this reason, many businesses have begun to utilize digital marketing strategies with the hope of gaining an advantage over their competition. The act of purchasing a domain name and building a website that promotes what you do best isn’t enough. Under such circumstances, those who stumble onto your website may only stay for about 1 sec which in turn contributes to a high homepage bounce rate. As a business owner, you want visitors to first find your site, browse it, access what they were looking for and then tell a friend.

Business owners have come to accept the fact that at the heart of effective digital marketing experts and website development is the need to consistently remain amongst the top three search results on the first pages of all the major search engines which include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Whether you offer a product or service, your website communicates a message that is vital to your potential customers. However, if your site is not properly optimized for online business, your potential customers won’t even know your company exists.

Let’s consider three highly recommended SEO techniques which can assist you in getting your website to rank higher in search engines like Google.

Creation of Unique Page Titles: Page titles play an important role in search engine optimization. Google has its way of identifying page titles that meet its basic standards of relevance. Search engines employ complicated algorithms to recognize user friendly sites which are rewarded with higher page rank. Actually the rank increase is meant to benefit search engine users conducting searches related to your industry.

A unique and accurate page title is one way to ensure that the search engine easily recognizes your website. A simple way to do this is by using title tags and description Meta tags. A digital marketing company offering search engine optimization consulting services is the right partner to advise you on how to create winning page titles.

Choose the Right URLs: As a business owner with the best interest of your customers at heart, you need to focus on what users and search engines can easily understand. Search engine optimization consultants such as Innovative Digital Solutions, can help you achieve this objective. An experienced digital marketing firm will guide you in choosing a URL that consists of words that reflect content of your website, as they are familiar with the particular preferences of search engines and users alike.

Easier Navigation: Having a well coded navigation that follows a simple horizontal or vertical layout is important for both search engines and users. Interested users, who would like to explore your website, should not find it difficult to achieve their reasons for using your site. All your navigation links or buttons should point to relevant content directly related to the name of the page itself. Also, search engine web crawlers which are used to index your pages, need to easily move in and out of your site.

When your pages are indexed, these pages are the ones that show up in search results. Those that were not indexed for whatever reason will not be visible on any search engine page. Poor coding practices, for example failing to close an open tag or links that point to pages no longer in use, can prevent search engines from indexing all the pages from your site.

Take the time to find a web design team that can address all the technicalities that go into producing a successful website on the internet.

Women’s Orthotics

Trending Women shoes

Being a woman comes with the desire to own several pairs of shoes, not just several but many. And not just any shoes but classy shoes that turns head when you walk down the streets. It is therefore of no surprise to find a woman with a closet full of all kinds of shoes in a variety of colors, styles, designs and materials. Some shoes are worn often while others bought on an impulse, have never been worn outside the store. Most guys don’t understand the obsession women have with shoes, but shoes give women confidence and makes them feel beautiful. As a result, women’s shoes are continuously being designed and different styles are released every season. This spring there already shoes that you should be on the lookout for. From high heels, to blocks to gladiators are just a few to be mentioned. The following are some of the hottest shoes this season.

The platform sandal Mulberry is a platform heel that combines the 70s look with a spring look. This season, the block heels are still in style and platforms are a must have. The Mulberry shoe is covered in wild flowers giving a girly spring look. The shoes can be worn with a flowing skirt for lunch with the girls. For a night out partying the platforms can be worn with a short party dress to show off your awesome legs. If you have a thing for classic shoes then the Sophia Webster’s pumps are just right for you. Sophia Webster shoes are sophisticated and have a timeless elegant. The shoes can be worn with a pencil skirt for a professional look or an evening gown for a formal event. The whistles gladiators are another must have shoe. These strappy shoes go with just about anything. Wear them with a blouse a pair of shorts for a walk down the beach. Or pair them with a pencil skirt for casual office wear. Lastly, you will need training shoes this spring. The maroon sneakers are your best option. They go well with the 90s dresses, boyfriend jeans as well as the pencil skirts.

This spring, shop around for the shoes and shoe laces that are going to turn bad days into bright and joyous ones. Most importantly keep yourself informed of the new releases such as the m*s Limited Edition summer heels and the Burberry vinyl sandals. These are hot items that you should eagerly be waiting for.

Touristy Places to Visit

Tips on Picking the Right Washington DC Transportation Agencies

Transport agencies offer a wide range of services, such as, a party bus in dc. They have the capacity to cater for your transportation needs. They offer car hire, airport transport, limo services and shuttle services. Before using the services of any Washington DC transportation agencies, there are a few factors you will need to consider. First, keenly look at your needs and outline them. Outlining your needs will help you know the exact services that you require. If you need to hire a wedding limo, choose a transportation agency which specializes on limo services.

Friends, relatives and neighbors can be very helpful when it comes to looking for a good transportation company. Contact anyone you trust and ask them to refer you to an agency they have used before. Companies that are mentioned many times are more reliable and are the best choice. Contact their customer care and make inquiries on any issue you have. You can also ask for references from their previous clients. Call the past clients and inquire about the services they received. This will give you an idea of what to expect from them. Good transportation agencies also treat their clients in a respectful and polite manner.

For better service, choose Washington DC transportation agencies that have many years of experience. Experienced companies consider quality as their prime priority and since they have been in the industry for years they have an edge of experience over the newer companies. The vehicles, limos or shuttles they hire out are well maintained, fully functional and comfortable. An experienced company also offers a wide range of services which can suit your needs at any time. They range from V.I.P transport, family transport, business and individual transport. You can also get great discounts and offers from such companies.

The internet today has made it easier for people to access a wide variety of services whenever they wish. By going online, you will be able to get the best Washington dc transportation agencies. All you need to do is enter the correct details and you will get numerous companies. Go through their profiles and galleries carefully before making a booking. To get a reputable company, go through the clients’ reviews and ratings. A good transportation agency will always have high ratings and positive reviews. Before settling on one make sure you go through a few for comparisons then select one that is affordable but has great reviews.

Poor Traffic Patterns

Traffic in Washington DC

Being the capital of the United States, Washington, DC was the former district of Columbia. It has different methods of transportation with the second largest percent of public transit behind new York city. It’s located along the river Potomac on the east coast of the country. It’s a developed city with an estimate of 646,449 people. Most of the residents within and around the city live in the highest ranked standards of living with a good number of them owning their own cars. This contributes to traffic congestion and parking problems which is why it is good to have a limo service in Washington DC pick you up. This has led to various measures to try to alleviate this problem, on of which being car sharing, which has shown minimal success.

It has well organized streets and highways are fashioned into a grid form. Traffic in Washington DC is subject to various risks, such as accidents and delays due to congestion. These risks can then also lead to other problems, such as road rage, more accidents and commuters being late to there engagements. Transportation services that are offered by the Washington transport system by metro operated by the area transit authority. Some of the transportation means include commuter rails, metro buses and many more.

The commuter rail which provides services from Union Station to Perryville with intermittent stops along the way, as well as to Baltimore on both the Penn and Camden lines. It is a time saving option for those needing to travel wtihin these areas.

The metro bus is operated by consisting of 176 bus lines and services around 12,301 stops over Washington. The Maryland transport department and other privately operated companies provide the same service during rush hours between Washington and distant counties, putting the traffic in check.

Student transportation is another important aspect to consider. Some metro rail and buses offer home rides for students on weekends. They connect Virginia Tech, James Madison University, Radford University and University of Virginia to the northern area of Virginia.

Bicycling is another option, which is also a healty alternative to driving. There is a network with over 45 miles of bicycle lanes around Washington and about 1,300 bicycle racks on the sidewalks around the city. An estimate of 3.3% of the residents biked to work according to statistics from 2010, offering a convenient alternative mode of transportation in the city. This is an option that should be considered more, to reduce the pressure of traffic, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles.