Top New and Old Bollywood DJs

Being a Bollywood DJ is certainly one of the best things that one can be at the moment, and that is exactly what some have beaten the odds to become. There are a lot of DJs plowing this trade, and it does certainly take some level of expertise to make sure that you remain relevant. The Dance, trance and EDM scenes in Bollywood are views that can’t just go unnoticed because of the DJs that are living up to the standards that are expected of them in these genres. These DJs, both new and old have fashioned out their names and made their presence felt through the numerous successful best Bollywood DJ remixes that they have done. The crowds that they continue to pull grow by the day and they are something that you can’t miss any matter what. Some of those DJs are listed below.

Nikhil Chinappa

This DJ has scaled the heights of music and having worked with MTV on so many shows; his prowess can no longer be denied. He has done it all in the Bollywood music scene and even started the first and what is the biggest EDM companies that Bollywood has. He is a great DJ that enjoys music and takes parties as well as shows to a whole new level. His experience has also helped the EDM industry in Bollywood grow and become respected all over with an EDM festival that he is a director of.

DJ Suketu

This is one of the most widely known household names in DJing in Bollywood. Suketu has been in the industry for quite some time, and he was nurtured by one of the bets DJs ever, DJ Cut Master Swift from the UK. His remixes have been hits almost all of them, and this is why he continues to soar high. He is known as one of the best that ever came out of Bollywood having won the DMC in 1999. He also made the most top selling mixes of all time in India, and this is why he is a force that can never be taken lightly as you can here, at least, one of his mixes in a club in India.

DJ Akbar Sami

Producing some of the best mixes that Bollywood has ever heard, Akbar is one of those DJs that is more than good. He shot to fame with his first remix which was an overnight success and put him on a new pedestal. He never disappoints with any mix that he churns out and because of this he has become a household name all over India. He has won several awards that have proved his prowess in this field is always at its best. These awards, however, are not what make him one of the best but the fact that he always pulls one of the largest crowd a DJ can wherever he goes.

These few DJs are just some of the many that are taking Bollywood by storm, and you just can not fail to notice how genius they are. New and old, the fact remains that the Trance, Dance and EDM scenes in Bollywood are changed because of these DJs.