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Las Vegas VS New York: Which Has a Better Nightlife?

In just recently released Forbes list, Las Vegas came a close second to New York in the number of tourists that visit these cities. However it was rated high when it came to the exponential and highly active nightlife. Las Vegas is known for it’s over the top night life and partying activities. The question is why the same does not apply to New York despite the fact that they have a variety of clubs and lounges? Well here are the differences between the two:

The biggest noticeable difference between the two is the fact that in Las Vegas, revelers can buy tickets online, avoiding the long queues at the door, while in New York you have to have stand for sometime outside in the cold before you can get in. Washington, DC also has a few Vegas style Clubs that are the Best Nightclubs in DC.

Most clubs and lounges in Las Vegas are inside a Hotel. This saves the management the trouble of having community boards knocking on their doors. New York is the exact opposite of this, community boards are always on the lookout for clubs that break the rules and regulations. Furthermore when one leaves a club in New York, they’re greeted by a deserted alley with closed shops and no one in sight spelling utter doom for them. On the other hand when one leaves a Las Vegas club they are greeted by bright casino lights and security staff that are more than willing to get you a cab.

New York has more clubs and these clubs are mostly filled with the locals creating friendly atmosphere and bonds among each other. In addition even though clubs in Las Vegas have a knack for light, in New York, club owners work towards improving the experience of revelers the only obstacles being the restrictive laws that limit what clubs can and cannot do, whereas in Las Vegas they can do almost anything.
It’s important to point that Las Vegas deals mostly with tourist clientele and as such the club mood may not be as exuberant. In addition the clubs in Las Vegas are also not as theme driven as those New York.
If you want bright lights and a walk straight into a cab? Vegas is your place. Want a more complete and riveting experience? Then New York has just that. Las Vegas has the all the hype but nothing beats the experience of clubbing on New York!