Marketing Digitally

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

In the wake of digital marketing, businesses are doing everything possible to ensure that they remain relevant in the market. For this reason, many businesses have begun to utilize digital marketing strategies with the hope of gaining an advantage over their competition. The act of purchasing a domain name and building a website that promotes what you do best isn’t enough. Under such circumstances, those who stumble onto your website may only stay for about 1 sec which in turn contributes to a high homepage bounce rate. As a business owner, you want visitors to first find your site, browse it, access what they were looking for and then tell a friend.

Business owners have come to accept the fact that at the heart of effective digital marketing experts and website development is the need to consistently remain amongst the top three search results on the first pages of all the major search engines which include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Whether you offer a product or service, your website communicates a message that is vital to your potential customers. However, if your site is not properly optimized for online business, your potential customers won’t even know your company exists.

Let’s consider three highly recommended SEO techniques which can assist you in getting your website to rank higher in search engines like Google.

Creation of Unique Page Titles: Page titles play an important role in search engine optimization. Google has its way of identifying page titles that meet its basic standards of relevance. Search engines employ complicated algorithms to recognize user friendly sites which are rewarded with higher page rank. Actually the rank increase is meant to benefit search engine users conducting searches related to your industry.

A unique and accurate page title is one way to ensure that the search engine easily recognizes your website. A simple way to do this is by using title tags and description Meta tags. A digital marketing company offering search engine optimization consulting services is the right partner to advise you on how to create winning page titles.

Choose the Right URLs: As a business owner with the best interest of your customers at heart, you need to focus on what users and search engines can easily understand. Search engine optimization consultants such as Innovative Digital Solutions, can help you achieve this objective. An experienced digital marketing firm will guide you in choosing a URL that consists of words that reflect content of your website, as they are familiar with the particular preferences of search engines and users alike.

Easier Navigation: Having a well coded navigation that follows a simple horizontal or vertical layout is important for both search engines and users. Interested users, who would like to explore your website, should not find it difficult to achieve their reasons for using your site. All your navigation links or buttons should point to relevant content directly related to the name of the page itself. Also, search engine web crawlers which are used to index your pages, need to easily move in and out of your site.

When your pages are indexed, these pages are the ones that show up in search results. Those that were not indexed for whatever reason will not be visible on any search engine page. Poor coding practices, for example failing to close an open tag or links that point to pages no longer in use, can prevent search engines from indexing all the pages from your site.

Take the time to find a web design team that can address all the technicalities that go into producing a successful website on the internet.